Wellington Property Company is dedicated to provide each resident and business with exceptional customer service and convenience. With over 600 units in our management portfolio, our goal is help you identify the ideal property for your needs, and provide the highest quality experience from the beginning through end of each tenancy. How do we do it? We believe the key to quality management is creating cooperation, trust, and transparency with tenants, vendors and owners alike. It takes a village, and we hope you join ours!

Where you see the difference:

  • A dedicated point of contact handles all of your maintenance needs. In an effort to mitigate issues as efficiently and effectively as possible, we make sure you can contact us by email, phone and/or accessing your online tenant portal.
  • 24/7 on-call service for emergency needs.
  • Our network is supported by fully licensed and insured vendors with whom we have established relationships. Your home and business are sacred ground, and we want to make sure we send in the best!
  • We employ an in-house handyman to make sure the smaller issues get as much attention as the bigger ones!
  • Our technology is powered by Appfolio software, offering the convenience of maintaining your home online!
Hands up!